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As a CMS licensed fund manager, IPCG is proud to offer a growing selection of in-house funds with diverse investment mandates to accommodate a wide array of investor objectives and risk preferences.


*Please note, our funds are available to accredited and institutional investors only.

Current Fund Offerings

IPCG Global Dynamic Strategy Fund

IPCG Global Dynamic Strategy Fund is our flagship fund. It was originally launched on 1 September 2015 and Matthew Chan, our CIO, took over managing the fund on 1 August 2018.

IPCG Global Dynamic Strategy Fund is an actively managed portfolio of primarily global equity and fixed income securities. We invest around themes with strong growth prospects, typically with a long-term investment horizon (~5 years). We will invest across the entire capital structure (e.g., the stock or the bond of the same company) and utilize fundamental research to identify mispriced securities.

IPCG High Income Fund

IPCG High Income Fund is a Segregated Portfolio (“SP”) of our Segregated Portfolio Company (“SPC”), Invest Partners SPC Funds. It was launched on 1 October 2021.

IPCG High Income Fund aims to provide investors with a high total income return via direct investments into high-yielding fixed income securities, real estate investment trusts (“REITs”), high dividend paying equities and other instruments that generate strong cashflows.

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